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Week #15:

Monday, May 1, has our house getting ready for the big inspections; electric, plumbing, roof ;-) Lots of work going on inside and out with the changes more subtle (I'm finding it harder to get pictures of 'completed' projects). John and Bryan continue to work wiring and on the tower. Rudy and Jeremy are on another job with Alberto still on vacation. Todd Porter (Concrete) also started getting the dirt in front of the hangar ready for (ramp) cement.

One thing not completed is the hangar roll-up door. It was supposed to go up last week and is rescheduled for this Friday (May 5).

Tuesday, John worked more wiring then started the framing on the 3rd floor of the tower. Bryan is doing a fine work framing up the outside patio fireplace which will eventually have a half-round brick hearth around it (that you can sit on too ;-)

Wednesday: Wiring continues among other things...

Thursday, John and Rudy got all the windows installed, and my friend Dave Seebers had his crew out trenching for (hangar) sewer and power. I'm responsible for all-things hangar, and I was able to get the sewer line 75% completed (to the back of the house where we'll tie-in).

Friday, John worked all over the house, and Rudy framed for the tower windows. I continued with getting the sewer line in from the hangar to the house and started the water line run to the hangar. The 12' wide RV sectional door was also installed on the hangar (meaning we can finally secure the hangar :-)

Saturday, I finished up the sewer line and continued the water line runs. I also got the power line trenches cleaned out for my friend Bob Watson who is coming over tomorrow (Sunday) to pull the hangar wire from the front of the house to the hangar (about 150').

Sunday, Bob and wife Nancy arrived and he got us all set-up for 'pulling wire'. It was a good day, and Bob got everything 'pulled' to where it needed to be :-) Here's Bob and I getting ready and Nancy helping me 'feed-wire' at the house panel. We pulled three #2 gauge wire and 1 #6 through 2" conduit and also pulled a separate Telephone (Cat5e) line through a 1" conduit.

Week #16:

Monday, May 8, saw John working alone doing...yes...still...wiring. He also got most all the doors framed too ;-) Bryan is out for the week getting his cabin ready for summer.

It was a big day for the hangar as I was able to get power connected and raise the 55' bifold door for the first time, HURRAY!!!! You can't really tell but the bifold is open 12' as is the 14' high Recreational Vehicle (e.g. boat) sectional door.

Tuesday, the crew was on their other job site. Drywall was delivered sometime before I arrived. I finished plumbing the backyard water lines and faucets then buried all but 20ft of trench. I hope to have friend John Manduca over this week to get the hangar auto-latches working. We may see a cement pad poured in front of the hangar sometime next week :-)

Wednesday, John and Rudy were digging trenches for main power, sewer, phone, gas and cable TV. The outside patio fireplace was also installed.

Thursday was spent working on the sewer connection and starting the roof for the tower. The crew was on their other job Friday.

Week #17:

Monday, May 15, had Bryan back on-site, working on a bit of everything (as usual) including the roof. He and John also started getting the peak on the tower. I finished up all my TV/Phone/Computer wire runs and promised John I wouldn't sneak in any more wires...

Tuesday was a busy day for both Bryan & John, and I got the auto-latches working on the hangar. Wednesday, I arrived to find the tower 'peaked' AND the roof getting tiled :-) It appears 'wavy' but resizing the picture distorted it. Click here to see the full size roof picture.

Week #18:

We were on vacation sailing the British Virgin pictures...

Week #19:

Tuesday, May 30 finds the house drywalled and wrapped :-) The tower was also 'roofed' while we were on vacation.

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