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Week #19 (continued):

Thursday & Friday, June 1/2, Todd Porter (concrete) finished up the rest of the hangar pad, and we were able to park the plane in the hangar for the first time on Saturday. John & Jeremy Forrest installed the Tower windows, and the drywallers are finishing up their work. Bryan continues working on the roof...

Week #20:

Monday, June 4, had Bryan still on the roof along with the drywallers sanding inside the house. We hope to see a finished patio cover and textured walls by the end of the week.

Tuesday the entire crew there; John, Alberto, Bryan, Jeremy and Rudy putting up the rest of our patio, and they'll be back Friday after I get the wood primed/sealed. Bryan worked the tower roof which will see tiles soon.

Wednesday had Bryan and his helper Casey are finishing up the tower concrete tiles (lots of cutting), and the entire interior had the walls textured a day early :-) My brother Michael and I will start painting the inside the house this weekend :-)

Thursday, I was teaching but Victoria was at the house painting some more wood strips for the patio cover. Bryan finished up the tower roof so the rest of the tower can get wrapped and ready for stucco.

Friday, Victoria & I were there alone (no crew) and masked the windows in preparation for my brother Michael painting the interior this weekend. John Forrest did arrive later in the day, and he was able to get all three exterior doors installed (I should be able to lock the house up this weekend). John told me we should see cabinets and garage doors installed next week :-) Here the front and side doors;

Saturday & Sunday, my brother Michael was here from Phoenix and we started painting! Sunday night was also the first time we locked up the house.

Week #21:

Monday, June 12 was a SUPER BIG day as Vern was there with his crew installing cabinets, and Alberto/John/Rudy were installing doors & trim including working on finishing the patio slats :-)


Here's the laundry room cabinets (looking from right to left) and both (18' wide) garage doors...

Wednesday had Alberto & Rudy finishing the last of the patio cover with John finishing up some trim items and wiring in the tower. I cleaned up the mess you see above in front of the garage doors, and Victoria called to make an appointment to measure for HI-MACS countertops.

I was teaching Thursday but Victoria took this picture of her 'fireplace' that Bryan 'built'. Our Vermont Castings woodburning stove will go in front of it.

My brother Michael was here from Phoenix and spent Friday & Saturday masking everywhere in the house. He got all the baseboards, door trim and doors painted. He started our master bedroom then drove home Sunday for Father's Day.

Week #22:

Monday, June 19 has Bryan & Alberto on-site as John & Rudy are in Missouri for a month building a small (temporary) home that his wife Marsha will live in for now. After he finishes our home and one other, the Forrest's are retiring to Missouri where he'll build the BIG house while living in the small house :-)

Tuesday had Bryan & Alberto on the roof finishing up loose-ends. The tower was 'wrapped' late yesterday, and we are waiting for lath inspection so stucco can follow.

I finally started wiring the hangar (so I can get my door controls off the floor :-)

Wednesday and Thursday, Bryan worked on the shower-pans and got 'mud' on the wall. Alberto was busy trimming the bottom of the doors (for tile or carpet), and people were there measuring the cabinets for HI-MAC countertops. Victoria went with a color I really like, Etna.

Ken Pedersen (Construction) was on the roof and in the attic installing our Solatubes.

I continued with more wiring in the hangar and placed my first 110v outlet :-)

Friday, I didn't get to the house but was getting the boat ready for vacation :-)

Week #23:

On vacation all week from June 26-30, houseboating on Lake Trinity which is located in northern California; west of Lake Shasta and east of Eureka.

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