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Week #24:

I hope you all had a long and SUPER 4th of July Holiday weekend! We arrived home from houseboating on Sunday night then spent Monday July 3rd and Tuesday July 4th at the house 'hanging-out'! Our new hangar 'tenant' arrived last week while we were out, and we hope to have 2 more RVs in the hangar by August 1st; Bryan & Tanya Duke's RV-6 and Mercedes Eullit's RV-6A. Aircraft hangars are meant to be filled with aircraft!!!

I arrived Wednesday to find Bryan tiling in our master bathroom. Except for the 3 bedrooms, the entire house will have tile floor, which Bryan expects to complete in August. Here's our tub wall from the guest bathroom, designed by Victoria;

Kitchen cabinets are also getting painted with a picture that shows the lilac colored room (Victoria picked all the interior house colors...Yes dear :-)

I changed out the hangar electrical subpanel from an 8-space to a 12-space box (on John Manduca's suggestion). I also cleaned-up the hangar controls wiring by removing the rubber power-cord and running flex conduit directly to the box, and I added another 110v outlet (now have 4 power plugs in the hangar. I am by no means an electrician, but I do know enough not to hurt myself ;-)

Thursday: Bryan continues tiling our master shower, Alberto was on the roof, and the painters finished up the kitchen cabinets.

In the hangar, I bolted all the yellow, protective guards in place and configured the remote controls to work for opening/closing/latching the Schweiss bifold door.

On Friday, Vern (the cabinet guy) 'tuned' the doors to get them nice and straight. Victoria needs to order her green handles & knobs now.

Alberto was on the roof nailing on the ridge-caps. Bryan tells me he and Alberto will start tiling the main house floor next week. I plan to clean up around the house and get some more electrical in the hangar.

Over the weekend, I wired up the wall-mount telephone plugs and my Abus Home Audio system. The Abus volume control is below the telephone.

My hangar tenant had his helicopter out for a flight to Fox Field with his son.

Week #25:

Monday, July 10th had Alberto and Bryan scubbing the floors clean so they can start tiling, and the sand for the stucco also showed up. I added another electrical plug to the hangar and got the XM radio up & working :-)

Tuesday, Alberto and Bryan started tiling the entryway, down the hallway and into the laundry room (where I took the goofy Bryan picture). Running the saw, Alberto was 'focused' on not losing any fingers :-) I was out in the hangar working electrical and now have power outlets half-way around the hangar :-)

Wednesday & Thursday...more tile :-) In the laundry room, down the hall to the entryway and into the kitchen.

I ran more flex-conduit and have power outlets all the way around the hangar. You can see the hangar is slowly filling up with more 'stuff'...

Friday we got STUCCO!!! It's been a long-time coming, and we are glad to see the scratch-coat!

Alberto & Bryan are nearing completion on tiling the Great Room, we got our first ceiling fan, and the 'gang' finished off the day with beverage :-)

Saturday and Sunday was spent cleaning up around the house & hangar, and visiting with numerous friends who 'braved' the 109+ degree temperatures. I'm starting to hang flags that I've had for many years in anticipation of one day, owning a hangar...I have several more including the triangular EAA pennants that are flown at Oshkosh :-)

Week #26:

Monday, July 17th, has Rudy back from Missouri asking me about driveway cement, and Alberto & Bryan finished up the Great Room tile. We have a date for countertop installation (July 25th) and could see driveways poured sometime next week.

Tuesday had the stucco crew back for 'Round 2', and they completed what I call the browncoat.

Bryan was grouting, and Alberto & Rudy were getting the driveways formed out for cement.

And just for fun; My neighbor Bubba's helicopter :-)

Wednesday, Alberto & Rudy were pouring cement on their other jobsite, Bryan's still grouting, and Steve was putting up lights in the garage. Steve is a Fireman and occassionally works with Forrest Construction on his days off.

Thursday had Bryan still grouting with Alberto and Rudy finishing up the grading on the driveway(s).

As of Friday afternoon, Bryan finished grouting all of the main house floor and moves on to the bathrooms (tile then grout). I have to say Alberto & Rudy are ready to pour some driveways next week....Forrest Construction is on the fast-track to finishing up our house!!!!

Here's Alberto & Rudy laying out the walkway from the house patio to the hangar.

Saturday, Victoria and I were at Lowes most of the day getting the last of the bathroom fixtures, lights and other things. Sunday, while I was installing (matching) locks on all the doors, we had a nice afternoon thundershower.

Week #27:

Monday, July 24th has John Forrest back in California from Missouri. John's wiring up all the wall switches, Bryan's back on bathroom tile and Alberto & Rudy were getting ready for Wednesday's cement-driveway pour.

After Sunday's downpour, I decided that I'd wanted a 'catch-basin' to catch water from the hangar downspout so that's what I dug today. I even filled it with water just to be sure it drained. It doesn't look like much work, but I spent probably 3 hours on it ;-)

Tuesday was a BIG day for Victoria as she was there to see HER kitchen countertops going in!!!

Here's the garage entry and laundry room countertops with Bryan on tile.

Wednesday, the crew arrived to the house just after 5am, and I arrived at 9am to find them brooming the driveway. They finished cement starting from the back of the hangar/hangar pad moving to the front of the house. No more walking on dirt and tracking it into the hangar! The dirt in front of the tower enclosed by cement in the first picture below is where we'd eventually like to put in a pool.

After lunch, Alberto & Rudy were getting the front ready for Thursday's cement pour, Bryan was tiling bathrooms, and John continued with wiring switches (and he even 'hot-wired' the panel to check the lights :-)

Thursday (repeat of Wednesday): The crew arrived to the house just after 5am, and I arrived at 9am to find them brooming the driveway in front of the house, after which, they took a well-earned break :-)

After that, the guys heave-ho'd on the cast-iron stove, and John turned on the kitchen lights.

I was 'off' from work on Friday so Victoria we were out at the house cleaning up, after which I wired up all the CATV and Cat5e wall plugs.

Saturday, we inventoried our master closet system that we designed and bought from Easy then started hanging wall units (by first installing the rails that hold it up).

Sunday, we continued with the closet and had it installed by the end of the day. The easy closet system truly lived up to it's Easy Closets name!

We also had some Skypark resident friends drive over to visit :-)

Week #28:

Monday, July 31th has Bryan grouting our master shower.

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