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Week #11:

Monday, April 3, saw the house roof getting wrapped with black tar paper, and the hangar crew (finally back on-site) placing/welding the bifold door to the hangar face. It started raining midday but the crews hung in there ;-)

Tuesday was a very busy day as Tom the 'AC' guy was there getting the forced air unit into the attic along with the duct runs to the registers. John started placing electrical outlets and recessed lights/switches. Bryan finished off our bedroom fireplace, Rudy started on the 'L'-shaped kitchen counter and Alberto was doing a bit of everything!

Wednesday: We have lots of Great Room recessed lighting, A/C-heater ducting, and kitchen counter 'L'shaped wall. I was excited to see the hangar crew there getting panels on the front bifold door :-)

Thursday saw Bryan doing plumbing and John laying the very first wire to a recessed light. The hangar crew was also there sheeting more of the hangar door.

More wiring on Friday, a hole for a Solatube skylight and more of the hangar 'face'...

Week #12:

Monday, April 10, John and Jeremy were doing lots of wiring. I was able to sheet the north and west sides of the house with 7/16" OSB plywood (for added insulation), Bryan was working the copper plumbing, and the red steel for the tower arrived :-)

I spent Tuesday putting OSB plywood on the front of the house. It's not required (per plan) but I figure the extra 7/16" plywood can only help on insulating the house so I'm going to cover all the 'living area' walls.

The last of the hangar 'facing' was put on today along with some gutters. We may be able to start using the hangar for storage if they can get the roll-up door installed this week...

Precision Welding started the assembly of our 3-story, observation tower;

John continues on the house wiring and Bryan on the plumbing, getting in the cast-iron tub today ;-)

No wiring Wednesday as John was on another job site. Bryan continued with plumbing, and I'm still putting OSB plywood on the front of the house (almost done). The BIG news is the observation tower is going up!!

Thursday, I was subbing but Victoria took these pictures of the tower going up;

Friday, the entire house crew was there: Alberto, Bryan, John, Jeremy and Rudy. They were all over the house cutting wood, laying was great to see them back :-) The last of the 'red steel' was going up too. The tower is 'tacked' together right now, and next week, it will get the full welds all the way around. The hangar is also 'finished' off and only lacks the roll-up door.

Before the rain set in, I completed sheeting the rest of the front of the house with OSB plywood.

Saturday, Greg Scates steered the scissor-lift to the center of the tower then took us up to 3rd-floor-height. Check out the views looking North, East, South and West;

Week #13:

Monday, April 17, saw more wiring, plumbing, patio grading and even some roofing strips being nailed on.

Bryan worked on our patio misting system that will run the full 34' of the patio (see above);

Here's a clear-sky picture of the observation tower which may see stairs this week. Once the tower is complete, John can complete this corner of the house (garage). There will eventually be another 2-car garage under the tower with a patio on top of the garage ;-)

Over the weekend, I ran Cat5e wires for the whole-house audio system I'm installing. This corner will be a floor-to-ceiling cabinet that will hold all of our audio-visual components.

Tuesday, Precision Welding was out getting final welds all around the tower. John's still wiring, Alberto & Rudy are getting the roof ready to 'stack', and Bryan (among other things) got the mister system hanging on the patio. I pushed the broom around trying to keep up the house clean ;-)

Wednesday thru Friday saw lots of work inside including the jacuzzi tub and shower framework. On Friday, the outside patio cement was poured.

Week #14:

Monday, April 24 had John, Jeremy and Rudy putting up garage walls and the (patio) floor above the garage (Alberto's on vacation).

Tuesday, Bryan worked with the black tar paper and the wood strips (that hold the concrete roof tiles). Precision Welding was out getting the tower ready for stairs (unpainted beam below), and John & Rudy worked the tower (2nd story) flooring.

No house crew on Wednesday but Precision Welding installed & welded the upper set of stairs but have to hold off on the lower set of stairs (for stucco). The lower stairs pictured below were placed only for a 'fit' check (they fit ;-)

Bryan, John and Rudy continue to finish off the northeast corner of the house; Getting the roofline to meet the tower, stairs and upper patio. They are 'winging' this part of the house and plan to add a small pitched roof near the stairs to divert (rain) water from base of the second floor :-) I also took a picture 'through' the tower with the pickup truck in the distance just this side of the runway.

Friday morning, Victoria and I drove to Los Angeles to sign the contract for our windows for the tower. We arrived to the house around noon to see the roof being loaded and found Bryan, John and Rudy hard at it (as is the norm...) The tower patio and second floor storage room are framed in very nicely ;-)

Saturday, I was out all day getting my RG-6/U cable installed, and a few friends flew in to say hello; Cameron Kurth (RV-9A), Dan Checkoway (RV-7) with friend Mike, Mike James (Glasair IIRG) also with friend Mike, and Brad & Suzy Peacock (RV-4). Thanks for stopping by!!!

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