Paul & Victoria's Completed Skypark Home

Week #37:

The latest...Sunday, October 1st through to Saturday (October 8th) had us busy moving boxes from the hangar to the house to unpack that I didn't get any pictures.

Sunday, October 9th, we rested ;-) There was a big RV flyout to Kern Valley but we slept in and relaxed in our new home. Later in the day, some of the 22 RVs that were at Kern Valley stopped in to visit.

That's Dan Checkoway on the 'break' in the flight of 3 then leading the group taxiing in. The yellow RV-6 behind mine belongs to John Hughes, followed by 6 planes in a row (left to right): Larry Hackney, Dave Klages with friend Collin, Brad & Suzie Peacock, Dan Checkoway, Laird Owens & Christine Johnston and Bob Watson. Chris & Indira Kleen's RV-6 was parked around the corner. THANKS FOR COMING BY GANG!!!!

Check out this nice Joshua tree picture that Larry Hackney took of our home...thank you Larry!

Week #38:

Monday, October 9th, I finally have some house pictures for you. Once we close escrow on our 'old' house, we'll buy furniture for the great room that matches the room better ;-)

Checkout this cool housewarming gift from our Contractor, John Forrest:

And this is truly what every hangar should be full of; AIRCRAFT!!!

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