Paul & Victoria's Future Skypark Home

Week #2:

On Tuesday, February 1, John, Rudy and Alberto started the rough plumbing, and by the next day, all rough plumbing, including sewer lines with clean-outs, were in. MANY thanks to all three for placing a sewer stub-out on the north side of the house for the hangar plumbing to tie-into!!!!!!!!!!

I placed the electrical conduits for hangar power, and I also learned how to be a plumber (thank you John Forrest!). I was able to get plumbing installed for my shower, toilet and sink.

The footings for the hangar were poured on Thursday, February 2, though I was sub-teaching school. Victoria was out for these pictures.

Friday saw the inspector sign-off for all the house plumbing & sewer so I helped with burying up the lines.

What you are looking at below are the huge footings that will hold 2 of the corners of my observation deck that sits on the garage. They are 6'x6'x3' deep with lots of steel!

John was able to secure 2 cement deliveries and was able to get the footings poured for the observation deck pillars so that's how the second week ended; all 5 pillar footings were poured. Left to right, first picture: John, Rudy and Alberto with Victoria 'supervising' in the last picture.

Week #3:

On Monday, February 6, the house footings were poured followed by covering up the pipes and laying down the moisture barrier; plastic sheeting (visqueen). The hangar also got it's visqueen and covered by sand.

Tuesday I arrived to find that the columns for my observation deck had been placed and the rebar for the hangar pad base was set;

Wednesday through Friday was spent getting the last of the house footings poured, the vent pipe in for the stove and getting house pad ready for cement;

I arrived Friday morning to find the hangar pad now filled with cement, and by the end of the evening, the first saw cuts (for cracking) were cut into the pad. Todd Porter's crew also worked very well together;

Friday also saw Rudy and Alberto getting the house ready for the cement trucks coming the next day. That's Mercedes Eulitt's RV-6A in the background;

The picture below shows all of the living area in our house. The house is pretty much shaped in the letter 'U', and the only section not visible in the picture is the garage;

Saturday morning, 7am, the first of 4 cement trucks arrived. John, Rudy and Alberto, along with Charro and Martin started laying cement!

The next 2 pictures show our Contractor, John Forrest with the shovel and finishing cement;

Rudy is making sure our house pad is smooth....

The guys finished up around 2pm, and I was sure to have pizza and ice cold beer for them when they finished. There was even time to give John an airplane ride :-)

Before putting the plane away, I took this picture which shows both the house and hangar pads. The garage floor (near the red pillars) would be poured on Monday. We can't believe it's only been 16 working days from dirt lot to cement; What a GREAT crew we have building our home!

Week #4:

Monday, February 13 started with the last 2 cement trucks arriving to finish off the garage. It would have been TOO MUCH work to complete both the house and garage the day before when the house cement was poured.

Victoria, in her lifetime, has NEVER been able to drive home and drive her car into a garage! She has always parked outside so here she is pointing to HER garage :-)

We found out that the roof trusses won't be ready for 4 weeks so house framing will be delayed for about 2 weeks. Work shifted to getting the front porch and rear patio ready for concrete. Here are the post holes for the 8' porch that goes around the entire front of the house.

Thursday, February 16, the hangar and hangar door showed up on two big rig trucks; One truck from Idaho and one from Minnesota. It took MANY phone calls by Mike (of Bell Steel) to make that happen and we're very happy it all worked out. Mike's crew will start erecting the hangar, built by R&M Steel, on Monday.

Here's the hangar door arriving just as they finished unloading the hangar.

Rudy and Alberto finished up the 4th week by pouring the pillars for the front porch.

Week #5:

Monday, February 20, started with Alberto (on the left) and Rudy getting the front porch ready for a Tuesday morning cement pour. They are going to hold off on the back patio until the roof trusses are put up;

This picture is of a house we happened upon, and it shows what Victoria plans for our front porch;

Last week, the hangar contractor had told us that they'd try to start erecting the hangar today but they were not there at 10am. So instead of watching the hangar (not) go up, we decided to join the SoCAL RVers to a President's Day flyout to Camarillo.

We had a nice breakfast with 22+ people (12 RVs plus Dan Hall in the RV-0.5 :-) Five of the RVs flew back to Rosamond with us to check out the house, and we were happy to find the hangar crew there with a couple of pieces of 'red steel' already in place.

Left to right is Chris Kleen, Victoria, Me, Pete Krok, Ken Jones, Larry Hackney and Dan Checkoway. THANKS for coming guys!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, the front porch was poured, and the hangar crew made LOTS of progress the first two days of the week:

No more hangar work was completed Wednesday-Friday as the forklift they were using wouldn't go high enough for the center cross-members...

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